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We are thrilled to announce our upcoming two-day course in Witchcraft 101. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the craft, covering a wide range of topics such as common herbs, candle magic, spell work, and so much more.

If you're curious about the world of witchcraft or looking to expand your knowledge, this is the perfect opportunity to delve into its fascinating practices. Join us for an enlightening and enriching experience as we explore the depths of Witchcraft 101.

All students must be available to attend both days.

Cost $100

We are delighted to announce Pendulum Class 101, an insightful workshop offering an introduction to harnessing the power of pendulums. In this class, participants will delve into the art of using pendulums for divination, energy work, and gaining intuitive insights. 

The workshop will cover fundamental techniques for choosing, cleansing, and programming a pendulum, as well as practical exercises to enhance one's sensitivity and connection with this ancient tool. Whether you're a beginner seeking to explore the mystical realm of pendulums or looking to deepen your understanding, Pendulum Class 101 provides an enriching opportunity to unlock the potential of this fascinating practice.

Cost $75

We're thrilled to introduce Candle Magick Class 101, a captivating workshop that delves into the art and practice of candle magic. This class offers a comprehensive exploration of the use of candles for manifestation, intention setting, and spiritual work. 

Participants will learn about selecting the right candles, setting intentions, and performing rituals to harness the power of candle magic. Through hands-on experiences and guidance, attendees will gain insight into the symbolic meanings of colors, scents, and candle placements. Whether you're new to candle magic or seeking to deepen your practice, Candle Magick Class 101 offers a transformative journey into this ancient and powerful metaphysical art.

Cost $75

Discover the enchanting realm of Lunar Magic and Cycles in our upcoming class. From exploring the profound influence of lunar phases to harnessing lunar energy for manifestation and spiritual growth, this course offers a captivating journey into the magic of the moon. 

Participants will learn to align with lunar cycles, perform rituals, and tap into the mystical power of the moon's energy. Whether you're drawn to the celestial mysteries or seeking to deepen your spiritual practice, our Lunar Magic and Cycles class provides an illuminating experience, imparting timeless wisdom and practical insights for incorporating lunar magic into your life.

Cost $75