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Frequently Asked Questions

I like crystals…but where do I start?

First ask, “what is my intent?” for example are you in need of a crystal to aid with sleep? Or are looking for assistance with something more spiritual? Crystals can be used as part of a healing process, and spiritual journey, go with your gut!

What crystal is right for me?

Often crystals will reach out to you. Some will catch your eye, or you will feel a draw towards certain crystals, more than others. Go with what your intuition is telling you.

What is a good crystal to buy someone?

Buying a crystal for someone is very thoughtful and caring. Ask yourself…”what does this person need in their life” do they need focus on an upcoming exam? To they need to heal from past trauma? Do they need to seek guidance from guardian angels? Whatever you gift them, if it comes from the heart, then it was the right choice.

How do I cleanse my crystals?

There are several ways to cleanse your crystals. Monthly you can place your crystals on a window ledge under the full moon. You can also utilize, a singing bowl, soil/rice/salt, using other crystals, or incense/candle smoke. I personally do not use water or sun in my practice; however everyone has a different preference.

Where can I place my crystals?

To maximize energy some crystals are best placed in certain areas of the home. Please look up which crystal and what intention you are looking for. For example, to maximize the energy of Citrine, promoting abundance within your home, it is best placed in the Southeast corner of your home.

Can my crystal go in water?

When purchasing Crystals, it is important to research their compatibility with water. Generally softer stones on the Mohs hardness scale do not do well in water. You also want to avoid placing these crystals in rooms with high humidity such as washrooms.

Can a crystal be ‘bad’ for you?

Some crystals carry a very high frequency of energy, in some cases, this can cause headaches and nausea. It is important to gradually work with these crystals and allow your body to accumulate a tolerance for the energy that it expels. Some raw specimens such as Malachite can be harmful if inhaled (imagine breaking a piece and inhaling some of the sediment from a piece). Make sure you do your research when purchasing specimens, and crystals in raw form. It is never recommended to place crystals in your mouth, food or beverage.

Where are your crystals from?

Canadian Coven Jewelry deals mostly with international miners and distributors from around the world.

Is it ok to place all my crystals together, or should some be separated?

There is no harm in placing all your smaller crystals in a bowl, and grabbing a few while you head out the door. For your larger pieces that generate more energy, or if you are having difficulty sleeping, and you look around your room and there is a large piece of moldavite hanging above our bed, that may be an issue. Get to know your crystals and read up on how to best utilize them.

Do I have to be a witch or of a certain religion to work with crystals?

Absolutely not. Anyone can enjoy crystals either for healing or for home decor.

Can children enjoy crystals?

Please be aware that infants and small children should never handle small crystals, for the risk of choking. If you would like to incorporate some of the healing benefits of crystals, we highly recommend placing crystals in safe areas that are out of reach. Dream catchers and pendulums are great alternatives, as these items can be hung high.

I don’t see what I’m looking for? Can you custom order something for me?

Absolutely! Please contact me with a photo or description of what you’re looking for and I will custom shop for you.

I bought a crystal for depression, does that mean I can stop taking my medications?

Crystal healing, and alternative healing are not to be replacement therapies for Dr recommended treatments. Please consult with your physician before making any changes to medication regime or treatments. Crystals and alternative healing can be used in conjunction with your current medical regime.