Our Services

Tarot Reading

Tarot and oracle cards act as a tool to aid through a clairvoyant reading. Messages may come though from past loved ones, or they generate messages from the past, present and future.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an alternative practice that utilizes the energy from crystals to assist with emotional and physical wellbeing.


Reiki is an ancient, Japanese practice that manipulates energy, from you, the universe, and the practitioner. The practitioner acts as a vessel to transfer energy to and from your body. Reiki can often assist with emotional and physical wellbeing.

Custom Jewelry

If you need a stone to be custom wrapped into a pendulum or piece of jewelry, please inquire. Wait time is between 2-3 weeks. Custom beaded bracelets for gifts and party favours available.

We also offer Spell-Bound Jewelry, custom to whatever your intention is. Spelljars – custom made to order only. Please consult with me if interested.

Crystal Parties

Bye Bye Tupperware parties! Hello crystals! Bring Canadian Coven Jewelry to your living room, or backyard, for convenient shopping for you and your friends!

Tarot Parties

Book a Tarot reading party and offer your guests an unforgettable experience.

 Tarot readings can provide insightful and thought-provoking messages that can help your guests gain new perspectives and insights into their lives and circumstances.

Booking a Tarot reading party will give your guests a chance to try something new and different, making your event stand out and be remembered.

Tarot readings Parties inbyour home offer a unique opportunity for personal connections and one-on-one interactions, creating a warm and intimate setting for your event.

Overall, booking a Tarot reading party is a fantastic way to add a touch of mystique and intrigue to your gathering, leaving your guests with lasting memories and a sense of excitement and wonder. So, why not consider booking a Tarot reading party for your next event?


When it comes to choosing a vendor for wedding accessories and decor, Canadian Coven Jewelry offers a unique and enchanting selection that is well-suited for couples seeking a romantic gothic or alternative theme for their wedding. There are several compelling reasons to consider Canadian Coven Jewelry for your wedding needs:

Canadian Coven Jewelry specializes in creating accessories and decor with a distinctive gothic and mystical aesthetic. For couples seeking to infuse their wedding with dark romance and unconventional elegance, the jewelry and accessories offered by Canadian Coven Jewelry can be the perfect complement to their vision.

The handcrafted nature of Canadian Coven Jewelry's products ensures a level of artisanal quality that brings an authentic and individual touch to each piece. This attention to detail and craftsmanship can elevate the overall look and feel of the wedding, adding a sense of artistry and exclusivity to the accessories and decor.

Canadian Coven Jewelry may offer customization options, allowing couples to tailor their accessories and decor to fit their specific style and preferences. This level of personalization can be crucial for couples aiming to create a wedding that reflects their unique personalities and vision.

Engaging with Canadian Coven Jewelry means supporting local artisans and small businesses. Many couples find value in contributing to local creative communities while selecting distinctive and high-quality pieces for their wedding day.

Canadian Coven Jewelry may provide a diverse range of products beyond traditional wedding accessories, including gothic-inspired jewelry, home decor items, and custom-made artifacts. These offerings can extend the theme of the wedding into other elements, such as bridal party gifts or home decor.

Canadian Coven Jewelry's pieces are often characterized by intricate details, unique materials, and symbolism that can resonate with couples looking to infuse their wedding with meaning and depth. These carefully curated details can add layers of significance to the wedding decor and accessories.

For couples planning their wedding from a distance or with busy schedules, Canadian Coven Jewelry's online presence may provide accessibility and convenience, allowing for easy browsing and purchasing of products from anywhere.

Choosing Canadian Coven Jewelry for wedding accessories and decor can be an excellent fit for couples seeking to bring an otherworldly and romantic ambiance to their special day. The distinctive style, attention to quality, and potential for customization make Canadian Coven Jewelry a compelling option for those looking to curate a wedding that is both enchanting and deeply personal.